1. Talk to Our St. Louis Real Estate Attorney About Your New Home Defects

    It's exciting to purchase a new home! Whether it's a new build home or new-to-you home, the purchase of your own property is a major step for any individual or family. Unfortunately, sometimes those new home dreams quickly turn to nightmares as defects start to cause major issues--and big bills--inside your new home. If those defects weren't disclosed to you before you purchased your home, there i…Read More

  2. Affordable Eviction Lawyer in St. Louis Available for Your Case

    Many people think that professional legal help is outside of their reach, usually because of the cost. But for St. Louis residents, there is an affordable eviction lawyer ready to take your case. Momentum Law Group believes that everyone should have great representation for their eviction case, and that's why they offer flat rate and contingency fees to their clients. They don't bill you by the ho…Read More

  3. Our St. Louis Landlord Attorney Offers Three Easy Ways to Get Started

    When you are a landlord in St. Louis, chances are at some point you are going to need the help of a landlord attorney. Disputes between landlord and tenants are unfortunately all too common, not to mention issues you may face with neighbors, contractors or even local government agencies. When you are facing those real estate issues, you need to make sure you have a tough, competent, and experience…Read More

  4. Welcome to the Blog of Momentum Law Group- Real Estate Law Practice

    The Real Estate Attorneys at Momentum Law Group are dedicated to helping landlords and contractors get their due. Being a landlord sometimes seem to be more trouble than it is worth.  If you have a good lawyer on your side the bottom line will reward you for your patience and hard work. You need a lawyer who knows the ins and the outs of the legal processes and can work through them quickly and e…Read More