When you are a landlord in St. Louis, chances are at some point you are going to need the help of a landlord attorney. Disputes between landlord and tenants are unfortunately all too common, not to mention issues you may face with neighbors, contractors or even local government agencies. When you are facing those real estate issues, you need to make sure you have a tough, competent, and experienced landlord attorney on your side. Momentum Law Group offers three different plans to help you get the legal aid you need:

  • $100 + 40% contingency fees and court costs
  • $200 + 30% contingency fees and court costs
  • $300 + 20% contingency fees and court costs

Each of these plans includes the eviction of one or more tenants per unit, drafting and filing of legal documents with the court, and one court appearance. Additional appearances can be added at a flat rate of $150 per appearance including a trial, should there be one. Most court costs run between $100 and $200, and we can provide you with a detailed cost sheet via email. This should give you a fairly accurate picture of how much it will cost you to hire a landlord attorney in St. Louis from Momentum Law Group.

We make it easy to choose the plan that’s right for you because we believe that every landlord should have a good attorney by their side. If you have questions about our plans, give us a call at 314-686-4529 or contact us through our website. We also offer free consultations if you’d like to ask our landlord attorney questions about your particular case before you commit to a plan. We’re always happy to help! Get started with Momentum Law Group and get the help that you need today.