Don’t you hate it when you receive a bill that you didn’t expect? Or when you get charged for something that you didn’t budget for? Of course you do. Well you spoke and we listened.

Attorney’s fees should be based on value and transparency. At Momentum Law, we strive to provide affordable rates for legal representation to fit our client’s budget. We do this by offering three ways to bill our clients: (1) Contingency Billing; (2) Itemized Billing; and (3) Retainer Billing.

Contingency Billing offers the most value to clients who want to increase their cash flow on a limited budget. There are no up-front fees – period. We collect our fee when we collect your past due invoices or accounts receivables from your former customers. Our fee is based on a percentage of the amount collected. In the meantime, you can enjoy the full range of services from us – no extra charges for phone calls, hearings, trial, etc. It’s that simple.

Itemized Billing offers the most value to clients who want predictable pricing a la carte. After reviewing the complexity of your case, we will give you a list of recommended tasks that should be performed to prepare for trial (for example, conduct discovery or write a motion to dismiss). You choose which task we work on with up-front pricing. You are only billed for the tasks you choose. You won’t be charged to speak to your lawyer either – no extra charges for e-mails and phone calls to the client.

Retainer Billing offers the most value to clients who want access to a broad range of services we offer for a long-term commitment. We strive to give you peace of mind knowing that we are available on demand to work on various task at a flat rate – no unexpected charges. We are willing to work with anyone’s budget to craft a solution that fits their needs and meets their expectations. You can rest assured that the meter is not running.

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