Momentum Law Group specializes in real estate law.  We offer quality legal services at competitive rates to three target audiences: Landlords, Contractors, and Homeowners.

Momentum Law Group strives to exceed their client’s expectations.  We focus on delivering value and producing results.  We approach each client’s dilemma with common sense and a winning attitude.

Momentum Law Group is led by its founder, Matthew J. Floyd.  For over ten years, Mr. Floyd has advocated for clients with distinction.  An alumnus of Washington University in both undergraduate and graduate study, Mr. Floyd is an aggressive litigator and strong advocate.

Momentum Law Group offers:

  • Common Sense: We use practical and cost-effective means to resolve everyday problems confronting our clients.
  • Fair Billing: We believe our clients value quality over quantity; therefore, we don’t charge hourly rates (unless requested).  Instead, we charge flat and contingency fees to ensure that we are properly motivated to get results for our clients – not extra work and headaches.
  • Preparation: We aim to be prepared for trial from the moment we file your case.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: We aim to reduce costs for our clients to preserve their bottom line.